The Meeting

At the meeting, Esports president, Ian Madray went over all the events over the past academic year, and displayed all of the achievements for each team. After announcing some future events, he then proceeded to announce what the Jerseys looked like. After displaying what they looked like, everyone got to go up and claim their Jerseys. Ian announced that each player and team will be getting called in some time for pictures individual pictures with their jerseys on.


Revealed at the esports meeting on Friday, and designed by Timberflynn of Overwatch World Cup fame, The jerseys include the signature red Fleur-de-lis, with a black layout and a tree faded in the background. One of the shoulders is red and displays the sponsors. The other shoulder has the Ragin Cajuns’ logo.¬†On the back there is the player’s first and last name and has their gamertag.



How do you feel about the Jerseys? I really like the tree aesthetic, as much as I thought I wouldn’t like it at first, it turned out to fit perfectly. Are you ready for the future events with Esports club? Feel free to respond with your thoughts on next year’s event, and the future of our teams at tournaments and competitions.