Hometown: Baton Rouge

High School: Catholic High

Class: Freshman

Major: Business Management

Mains: Captain Falcon, Ganon, Fox


Matthew “Combo” Cangelosi

Just like it says in his name, Combo is well known for the seemingly endless combos he performs. Mix this with characters who are already known for having a long punish games, and it seems impossible to beat him.

Although he is a laid-back person, Combo’s neutral playstyle is quite the opposite. His hyper aggressive playstyle leaves you questioning whether or not anything you do is safe. Don’t mistake this for him playing mindless. Everything he does is very calculated and precise, which makes his aggression work.

Combo is a very known threat throughout the state. The only thing that held him back from top 10 in the state in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is attendance. He typically takes extended breaks, and when everyone thinks he’s gone for good, he shows up and makes yourself question whether you’ve improved at all or not.

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