Hometown: Abbeville, LA

High School: Abbeville High

Class: Sophomore

Major: Informatics

Mains: R.O.B.


Kyle “Lt. Waffle” Ramke

Of all the players on the team, Lt. waffle is definitely the most improved. He started playing in 2016, and while at first he placed low at local events, he is now a contender for top 10 in Louisiana.

While he has used secondaries that have often changed, he is mostly notable for his R.O.B. This was also his main in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The character in that game is known for being a mid-tier character, but now, Lt. Waffle has reaped the benefits of sticking to his guns because his character is now arguably top tier.

Don’t let the tier of his character take away from from his skill. Even in the older iteration, Lt. Waffle will make you absolutely fear for your life once you are offstage. His gyro setups are incredible, and unless you aren’t playing at peak awareness, they will net him a free stock. Combine this with the fact that he has only been playing for 3 years, and who knows how good Lt. Waffle will become.

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