Hometown: New Orleans, LA

High School: Holy Cross High

Class: Freshman

Major: Vocal Music Education

Mains: Mii Swordsman


Brian “mysticxstar” Fink

Mysticxstar is a very underrated player. He has a reputation in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as being “carried” by Bayonetta, who was the best character in that game. But in this game he has come right out of the door swinging, placing very well at tournaments with a mid-tier character.

More often than not, Mysticxstar will teach you while playing you. His knowledge on the game is phenomenal, and more likely than not, you will learn a thing or two after playing with him for a few hours. This alone will make you understand why he is a contender for top 10 in the state.

Mysticxstar has vast character knowledge and abuses this. His game plan is to exploit your character’s weakness, even if you didn’t think your character had a certain weakness. Using this knowledge, he will go for follow ups that don’t even seem plausible and will end up shocking you when they actually work.

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